11 - Years Of Experience

About Us

Bio-Xin is one of the leading multi-technological consulting, importing, exporting, distribution, sales and marketing companies in Bangladesh for laboratory, R&D and production equipments. The company has global network with its main office located at the centre business hub of the capital city, Dhaka.  

We established the company realizing the numerous customer needs in the field of industrial and research organizations. The company is dedicated to introduce breakthrough technologies and innovative products in the field of pharmaceuticals, research organizations, food industries, hospital, clinic and diagnostic centres.Best quality and best customer service are the prime principles of our company. Our goal is simply to enhance sustainable development of society, creation of employment opportunity and well being by furnishing advanced and innovative technology with    competitive prices.

The company is governed by highly motivated professional with special expertise in the field of pharmaceuticals, food and healthcare sectors. We sincerely welcome friends around the world to co-operate with us to have a brilliant future for our beloved homeland.

Sales & Marketing

The aim of Bio-Xin is to achieve a 50 % market penetration in Laboratory and processing equipment

Multi-Technological Consulting

Medical, laboratory, R&D, and production equipment for Bangladeshi marketplace

Importing & Exporting

Liaison with Market dominating principals worldwide

Sustainable Development

Manufacturing sustainable practices for medical devices are no exception.


Bio-Xin has always strived to maintain the highest quality standards. Customer & Supplier satisfaction has been the company’s top-most priority. Over the next decade, Bio-Xin intends to become the most preferred in R&D and industrial Service Provider.


Bio-Xin envisages playing a major role in the pharmaceutical supply chain industry in Bangladesh. Providing a uniquely integrated distribution and marketing solution from Point of supply (POS) to the Last point of delivery (LPOD). The company especially looks forward to the distribution of Specialty laboratory and industrial equipment in the country by adopting global distribution standards. Bio-Xin intends to develop a special B2B portal for the Pharmaceutical business.


Why Choose Us

  • Sustainable Development

    The need for sustainable manufacturing practices is more pressing than ever and medical devices are no exception

  • Innovative Products

    We provide decades of clever, innovative medical & surgical positioning devices that make life easier in the operating room

  • Breakthrough Technologies

    We provide innovative, quality Laboratory Equipment from top-tier suppliers and buyers nationwide


Company Profile

Started our journey in 2010, Bio-Xin has experience in the laboratory, R&D production equipment with upright credentials in importing-exporting-distribution, consulting, marketing, and sales.

Our Concern

With our experienced personnel, we offer our customers versatile alternates for their lifestyle and business in a fast, flexible and customizable way.